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Visual Studio IDE navigator stuck? - Carr, 29.11.2012

Using Ctrl+Tab in Visual Studio lets you flip through open files, but under certain conditions it gets "stuck". Here's how to unstick it.

Adding remote SQL servers as data sources in Visual C# 2010 Express - Carr, 06.09.2011

Visual C# 2010 Express won't let you access remote SQL servers through the database explorer. Skip the explorer and use SqlMetal.exe instead.

Consuming webservices in VS2010 - Carr, 29.08.2011

Your webservice functions aren't gone, just wrapped in the ServiceSoapClient proxy class. Sneaky.

Social buttons on websites - Carr, 18.08.2011

Want some social media buttons on your website, but too lazy to read the documentation for each one? Let AddThis handle it for you!

You don't Response.Redirect() from an ActionFilterAttribute - Carr, 17.08.2011

In ASP.NET webforms, performing a Response.Redirect(url, true) would end the response and halt execution. Doing the same in an MVC3 ActionFilterAttribute will still redirect the client, but won't halt execution of the calling action. Not cool. Here's the solution.

Decompiling an android application - Carr, 13.05.2011

Need to take a peek at the source code of an android application on your unrooted phone? Three simple steps enclosed.

Full-text searching with Lucene.NET - Carr, 16.11.2010

While working on .NET application with a huge user forum, I needed a way to do full-text indexing and searching. My old habits would've resulted in a solution that was either slow, not portable, expensive, or had dependencies outside the application itself. Lucene.NET to the rescue!