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Consuming webservices in VS2010 - Carr, 29.08.2011

From what I remember in VS2008 and earlier (might only apply to .NET 2.0), referencing and using a webservice went something like this:
- Add the reference
- Access functions with ServiceName.FunctionName()

.. but when I did the same in VS2010, this is what happened:


What I expected to see was a list of my functions, not these classes. Like any good geek, I started reading the documentation.

Just kidding. I fiddled with intellisense followed by googling.
One of the first suggestions was to add a classic "web reference" instead of this newfangled "service reference", by going here:


Then, this happened:


Classes and eventhandlers? Where are my functions?

After some more googling, I deleted the web reference and added it as a service reference again. My functions turned out to be right there all along:


.. inside the *SoapClient proxy class.

Note to self: RTFM!
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