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Decompiling an android application - Carr, 13.05.2011

Due to perfectly legit circumstances, let's say suspicion of malware, I wanted to take a peek under the hood of an app running on my android device. It was apparantly exchanging data with a webservice, and my goal was to figure out what, where and how.

Here are the steps i followed to take a peek at the source code, on my unrooted phone. There is probably obfuscation and other security measures out there I haven't encountered yet, so your mileage may vary wildly.

1) Android apps are packaged as single .APK file. To grab it, I used ASTRO File Manager which lets you back up applications. It dumped an .APK file on the sdcard, which i transferred to my desktop.

2) Your APK file contains a .dex file (Dalvik executable). Download dex2jar, and run it on your APK (dex2jar.bat your.application.apk). This should produce a .JAR file.

3) Download another tool: JD-GUI, a lovely graphical java decompiler. Run it and open your .JAR file.


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