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Garmin Norway's repair policy - Carr, 12.08.2011

My beloved Garmin Oregon 450 GPSr just took one hit too many.


Luckily, Garmin Norway has a pretty fair policy for repairs:

1) Open a case at http://rma.garmin.no/
2) Send in your unit
3) Garmin will contact you with an offer. If you're lucky, it's a cheap one. Worst case, you pay 1400,- NOK and they send you a new/refurbished replacement unit
4) You can decide not to take the offer, and they'll return your unit completely free of charge

1400 may seem expensive, but it's half the store price of a new unit. Also, getting a quote quickly free of charge is great when you're used to paying just to have someone take a look at it.

Vendors, take note!
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